Friday 31st. January, 2014 – It has got extremely cold today 

Not a very attractive picture – but it is where we are today

My goodness but it has got cold today, positively freezing in fact and during the day there have been flurries of snow. It seems inconceivable that there is not more to come.

Mix and I went for our morning walk before my regular porridge. Tom arrived and we started on our tasks for the day. First we fitted up the bracket for the television in the Garden Room and then we installed the new skirting board and sanded down all of the areas which we had plastered the day before yesterday. Next we went into Duns to buy cable for a television aerial link and some bits and pieces to treat wood and start the painting – we had intended to start on the painting in the afternoon but, after lunch at Pearson’s we gave some thought to how the aerial cable would reach the television and the upshot of that was that we decided to cut into the plaster-board, install the cable and then plaster over it. We will have to wait until tomorrow before we can do anything else.

I drove Tom home and then Mix and I adjourned to the summer house where I enjoyed a coffee and Mix ate some biscuits. I read of England’s continuing cricket disaster in Australia and telephoned HomeBase to discover what had happened to the tools I ordered. Everything has been delayed because a claw hammer hasn’t arrived in stock. However they have now promised me that everything that is in stock will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday. I have to say that the lady who took my call was extremely helpful and I am sure that my order will arrive.

Went out with Mix for an afternoon walk and then returned home to get warm! Rachel had been away for the day with Dorothy. They were buying glass for their new hobby of stained-glass window making. Rachel has come back with some superb pieces of glass. I am looking forward to seeing the finished articles.

Went for a shower – my hair was filled with dust from sanding down the plaster this morning – and then we dined early because we were going off to Berwick to see ‘The Railway Man’, a film which was being given extra screenings in Berwick because it was written by a Berwick man (Eric Lomax) and reflects his experiences during the war and his response to those experiences after the war. It is a lovely film, not always the easiest to watch but one which rejoices in the human spirit and which ultimately makes one glad to be part of the human race – that ‘ultimately’ is important because the horrors of war drive one in exactly the opposite direction. Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman were superb. It was a good family outing, all five of us off together, and that is always fun.

The Maltings makes a superb cinema – and you can book your seats online as well

Back home, we walked the dogs, who were delighted to see us, (the sky was superb – clear as anything and so many stars on view) but soon we were back inside where we climbed into our warm beds. We are very lucky!

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