Saturday 4th. January, 2013 – The Tenth Day of Christmas 

Four generations of the Whiteman family who worked Mount Pleasant Farm and lived in the farmhouse a long time ago (pictured at the then front-door of the farmhouse)

It is in the Pirate of Penzance by WS Gilbert that the Major General comes to humble himself before the tombs of his ancestors for the crime of having told lies to escape the clutches of the Pirates. It is pointed out to him that as he has only bought the property a year before, these ancestors can hardly be his. His response is that as he had bought the property he had inherited the ancestors with it. He was, in a lovely turn of phrase, their ‘descendent by purchase’.

In as much as there is any truth in that nonsense, the family at the head of this entry are our ‘ancestors by purchase’. All I know is that they are described as being four generations of the Whiteman family and that they farmed and lived here in times gone by. I would love to know more about them.

Back to the present day. I rose and breakfasted and then Mix and I walked before moving to the summer house where my task for today was to fit blinds in all the windows. The first one took me ages, largely because I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. But I worked it out and eventually became quite proficient at it. Practice and experience, it seems, are everything.

Digger arrived to say that his motor bike wouldn’t start. As if summoned like the genie from a magic lamp Tom and Dorothy arrived and it wasn’t long before Tom had the bike started and Rachel had pumped up the tyre which was flat and off Digger went, only to return quite quickly because it seems that the tyre has a puncture.

I returned to blind-fitting and soon had the task completed. Rachel joined me and did some filling in of tiny imperfections with wood filler. Everything is starting to look very good.

Mix and I went for another walk and soon afterwards we set off, Rachel and I, to join Olive, Digger and Mum at Scott and Sue’s home where we ate extremely well. The others stayed on for a game but Rachel and I returned home to see that the dogs were all right. Rowan had attempted to do a jigsaw and had emptied an old cushion, but otherwise things were fine (which is more than can be said for the English cricket team – today was another day of disasters, the only ray of sunshine was the 47 runs scored by Durham’s Ben Stokes who also took another wicket to raise his match tally to seven so far).

I haven’t mentioned the weather which is because the wind has, temporarily at least, dropped. We had some rain (but no snow). More gales are forecast but we shall enjoy the respite while we have it.

Read my book (on my new Kindle – a retirement gift from my Godmother), walked the dogs and retired to bed early. My goodness, it has been another lovely day.

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