Friday 12th. March, 2021 

Tom came around today with this cheque which you can see him presenting to Olive (both are being careful to observe social distancing(. It is a cheque for £50,000 which was left to our Church to take forward our mission plan. It was left by Clare, one of our elders, who was so involved in the creation of our mission plan and was such an inspiration to me as I took on responsibility for our tiny rural congregation at Fogo. We also have Clare's dog Ditto as part of our family. We miss Clare and we will ensure that her money is used to move the mission plans of our congregation forward, just as she would have wished.

The cheque came to Tom because he is our Session Clerk and he is giving it to Olive because she is our Treasurer.

This morning I started preparing for Easter. First of all I made a church Easter card to put around the parish. I decided to make my own card because I really didn't like any of the cards I saw which are commercially available. Making my own also enabled me to put all our Easter information on the card. I'm really very pleased with the completed result. The picture I used was one of sunrise over the Sea of Galilee and was taken by Rachel when we were in the Holy Land last year.

It is rather special, isn't it?

Printing, folding and putting cards in envelopes took most of the afternoon -- but I was able to watch the first T20 match between India and England, which England won quite easily. Tonight we had a Chinese take-away with Olive and Digger before watching a bit of TV before bed.

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