Wednesday 24th.February, 2021 Catching Up. 

This is a continuation of the entry immediately before this one. You'll remember that I was describing to you our weekly routine and I reached Tuesday. So I have arrived at today. Again we walked the dogs around the field across the road -- Rachel got into conversation with someone about the banner on the front of Olive and Digger's fence, so I did most of the walk with the dogs and met up with Rachel on the way home.

I then spent most of the morning and most of the afternoon getting Rachel's website back on line with a number of pages which she can now adapt to get the site looking as she would wish. The picture at the head of this blog is one of the pictures for her website so I thought I would use it for my blog as well. It's such a long time since I took pictures with my camera that I have forgotten where I put it. I occasionally take a picture with my telephone but I must find my camera, especially if I am going to keep this blog going.

We dined with Olive and Digger at 6 and at 7 I was on a Zoom meeting this time with Greenlaw Parish Church, again to work through the Questionnaire for Presbytery. Once it finished, we watched an episode of West Wing before Newsnight. Rachel was a fan of West Wing when it first came out and we started watching it again because of all the carry on in the USA surrounding the election and former President Trump's unwillingness to accept that he had lost. One can easily see why at the time the programme first came out so many folk thought that President Bartlett actually was the president. There is so much to like!

I think I'll pause my journey through my week there and tell you about Thursday tomorrow. Yes, I'll have another Zoom meeting, but it is going to be very different for it is with two of our young folk from the parish and I'm really looking forward to it.

What I will do is tell you about some of the things which have happened since I last wrote. The worst, of course, as everyone will readily understand, is that my Mum died on Christmas Eve. She'd had a fall on the 20th. (a Sunday). I was at church and when I came home she had been taken to hospital. Now Mum had been to hospital once or twice in the months before this and I thought she would soon be home again. We weren't allowed to visit because of the virus restrictions but I was totally taken aback to be phoned by the hospital and told that Mum had been diagnosed with the virus. Scott was allowed to visit but we were all immediately quarantined. It was awful, but on the evening of the 19th. Olive, Rachel and I were allowed to visit Mum in the evening. She was peaceful and calm but didn't know that we were with her but we spoke and we said a prayer ... and then we came home and learned the next morning that she had died.

None of the family had the disease and I suppose that Mum must have caught it from her carers. We don't blame them at all. We couldn't have coped without them and Mum's life would have been very difficult without them as well. It was just so sad.

We had a funeral in the new year. It was a very small affair in the Melrose Crematorium, just Olive and Digger, Rachel and me, Nicholas and Amy. Scott, my brother couldn't come because quite independently he had gone down with the virus at his home in Berwick-upon-Tweed. We were inundated with letters from Mum's friends and there was a large tribute paid to her in the Scottish edition of the Times and on Borders TV. Mum had touched so many lives and we will have a celebration of her life when that becomes possible once more. Mum was ninety-seven and I really thought that she might go on until she was one hundred, not something some of the other members of the family agree with because Mum had declined quite quickly. To think that just three years ago she was regularly going out to groups and speaking without notes for up to an hour at a time on her experiences at Bletchly Park where she had worked during the war as a Wren and where she met my Dad. They had a wonderful life together and did so much for other people.

More tomorrow -- I promise!

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