Thursday 13th. November, 2014 – Back to normality 

Mum went to the WRI meeting in Gavinton this evening. Everyone had been asked to bring a tea cup and at the meeting they would learn how to decorate a tea cup with flowers. This is Mum's effort

Rose and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom and David arrived and work continued on the Bothy – not nearly as much work as I had anticipated because both Tom and David have been keeping things ticking over while I was away (how kind they are). Mid morning while David was sorting my car (it got a punctured rear tyre from one of the huge roofing nails from the recent roof repair at the farmhouse), Tom and I went up to Clare’s where we moved an electrically operated arm-chair from her house to the Manse at Cranshaws. This done we met up with David at Pearson’s for lunch and to buy some supplies for completing the Bothy before returning to the Bothy to do a bit more work.

Rachel, meanwhile, was in Berwick attending her glass class, returning for tea before going out again to her choir in Berwick, taking with her Bridget from Gavinton. I missed Rachel because I had gone out on a visit, returning just in time to drive Mum to Gavinton to attend the Women’s Rural Institute meeting. So we were all moving around in different directions.

Finally back home, I ate with Olive and Digger – Mum and Rachel had eaten earlier – and then I plugged myself into the summer house to prepare the music for Gavinton and for Arrochar. Rachel will take the music for Gavinton and augment it with her descants and other embellishments tomorrow.

Finally, on Rachel’s return, I walked Mix and retired to bed.

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