Wednesday 12th. November, 2014 – Another day in the train 

A picture of some of my Green Pilgrimage colleagues, all of whom have become very good friends over the time we have met and worked together

Again I woke early, showered and enjoyed a full English breakfast before saying my good-byes, walking to the station and catching the nine-twenty-four to St. Pancras. It was a very busy train but I found a seat and soon I was in London. I had a bit of a wait in London so I explored St. Pancras and then explored King’s Cross. Again, my train was in the station early and I got on and settled down for the journey. Again the train was fairly busy but I had a seat to myself with no one beside me, so I had lots of room. I enjoyed a sandwich and a Fanta on the journey and got into Berwick about twenty to four to be met by Rachel and Rowan, finally getting home soon after four.

Rachel and Anne were in the midst of a day working with different of their students who were all coming in, one by one, to mark out their kilts. Mix was extremely glad to see me and, truth to tell, I really didn’t do anything else today. I relaxed in front of the stove in the Granary lounge. I dined in the farm house and then relaxed in front of the television (with my eyes closed). It has been a good three days – but it is always good to be home.

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