Sunday 2nd. November, 2014 – Lots of Church 

At the service in Gavinton this morning the flowers had been provided by Mum (although bought and arranged by Andrea). I thought they looked really good. I wonder how many churches in Great Britain have flowers each Sunday on the chancel? It must be a huge number and must contribute significantly to the financial well-being of florists throughout the country

After all of the usual preliminaries, Mum, Rachel, Andrew and I went off to Gavinton for the morning service. After a three-week holiday Ann, our minister was back. Our service combined two themes, All Souls and the work of Crossreach (the social work arm of the Church of Scotland). A brief resume of the history and work of Crossreach was given by Clare, our session clerk.

We had coffee following the service and then drove home in time for lunch.

I snapped Andrew and Rachel as they walked down the Church path after the service -- both had obviously been given much food for thought by all that Ann had said

Just before lunch, Sandy arrived carrying with him the roll of tweed which he and Rachel had woven on the loom since it had been set up here at Mount Pleasant – the first roll of Mount Pleasant tweed. It is superb, not just to look at, but to feel. They have produced a real quality product and I have volunteered to wear their fabric in order to advertise it to everyone

Lunch was, as ever, really good and after lunch, leaving Andrew with Rachel to discuss her computer, Mum and I returned to Gavinton Church to attend a service in which we were encouraged to remember and give thanks for the lives of those we have lost and who were (and continue to be) an important part of our lives. It was a good service.

At the service this afternoon we were given the opportunity of lighting a candle as we thought of someone we missed

Back home, Andrew and I moved out to the summer house and soon afterwards Rachel set off for Berwick to attend the service at the Anglican Church. On her return we had another snack before sitting down with Olive and Mum to watch Downton Abbey in front of a blazing stove. It was a fine end to a good day.

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