Monday 13th. October, 2014 – An interesting day 

There was always only going to be one headline story today at Mount Pleasant and that was the start of work on the farmhouse roof. This morning Paul, Tommy and Andrew arrived to start work on the roof, being joined in the afternoon by Ian, their boss. Great progress has been made as all of the old and rotten roof has been stripped out and remedial work has begun. The team had good weather for most of the day but there were moments of quite heavy rain. We are hoping for good weather tomorrow

Rose and walked Mix and after breakfast Tom and David arrived. By this time, however, they had missed the drama of the day. I was woken some time after half past seven by a phone call from Olive to say that Digger had taken her to Berwick only to discover that her train to Dundee had been cancelled. Not only that but their car was showing a warning light. I told them to return home and take my car, and that is what they did.

David examined their car with his computer plug-in system and discovered that all that was needed was a change of spark plugs, and this was arranged later in the day. Tom, David and I went up to Abbey St. Bathans to see about our wood delivery and arrange for some additional timber to be included. We are expecting our delivery either tomorrow or Wednesday. Neither Tom nor I will worry if it doesn’t come until Wednesday as we are still suffering from our exertions laying concrete.

Tom went off for lunch, David and I had a coffee break and then we started on Olivebank, joined by Tom on his return. The task for the afternoon was to strip down the engine and get it working – and in this we were successful. Mind you, it took a while which is hardly surprising considering how long it has been since the engine was fired up.

I stripped off the rudders and the tiller and made an inventory of all that will have to be done to get Olivebank shipshape again, but it is going to be fun getting it done. Tom set off for home and David and I had another coffee break before he set off.

Rachel and I dined in the farmhouse – by now Olive had returned, brought home from the station by Digger using my car and bearing new spark plugs for his. Following dinner we relaxed in front of the fire watching University Challenge and the second episode of Grantchester (for which we were joined by Olive and Mum). I would like to say that I watched the News but, in truth, I fell asleep during the News and soon afterwards I walked Mix and retired to bed.

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