Wednesday 23rd. July, 2014 – The start of the Commonwealth Games 

This will be the final picture you will see of the summer house before it is, at long last, completed. This afternoon Rachel and I stained and treated those areas which hadn’t been treated, and prepared the three barge-boards (you can see them lying in front of the building) which tomorrow be fitted and the building completed. Finally!

Rose, walked Mix, breakfasted and went off to collect Tom and Dorothy and drive to Loch Whiteadder. There we fitted up the system to pull the boat out of the water using a block and tackle. Tested the system and it works well. We had coffee and then returned home because Tom and Dorothy had an appointment in the afternoon.

I had some lunch and then, with Rachel, painted the summer house and got it all ready for the final barge-boards to be fitted tomorrow. Rachel continued work on the covers for the lockers on her canal boat. Olive and Digger were in Kirkcaldy and then in Edinburgh where Olive was having a high old time spending vouchers which she had been given. Later everyone was out in the garden.

After supper we all assembled in the Granary to watch the opening of the Commonwealth Games. I know (from reading twitter) that not everyone loved it – but I did. I loved seeing the athletes walking into the arena. I loved the introduction and thought that exactly the right note was struck in the presentation of Scotland. It seemed to me to be ordinary people sharing their city and our country with the world. I loved the life and the story and the music (although I would have loved the Proclaimers to be there with their version of their song). I enjoyed Rod Stewart and I even appreciated Billy Connolly and I was really taken with the opportunity of supporting UNICEF along with everyone else sharing in the event (even if I had to go out to the garden to get reception on my mobile). (Good too that they came back and asked me to Gift Aid my donation.) In fact, on balance, I thought that it was just right. Well done, Scotland.

Of course, it did all run on a bit. So there was just time to walk Mix before bed.

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