Friday 6th. June, 2014 – Summer such as we have never experienced before! 

The sun is shining down and the temperatures are Mediterranean. Of course there have been days like this before but always I have been working. Today I can just enjoy it. I took this picture of Mount Pleasant as Mix and I went for an early morning walk

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Afterwards we hitched up Escapade and drove it (Tom, Rachel and I) to Whiteadder Reservoir where it will remain at least for the summer. Next week we shall sail! Today we met Andy who works for the RYA and who was about to run a course for some young people on the reservoir.

Escapade setting off from Mount Pleasant

Escapade at Whiteadder – all is now ready for summer sailing

Back home, Tom hurried off to Gavinton to answer a call that bees were swarming. I don’t know if they were his but Dorothy and Manda persuaded them into Tom’s spare hive. Meanwhile Rachel and I unloaded boxes from the Cart Shed so that Rachel could find some wool to set up the weaving loom.

Olive and Digger enjoying the sunshine as they prepare to set off to buy in some trees

Olive working in the garden on her return from her shopping trip, lamenting the fact that slugs have been eating the leaves of her herbs

I had some lunch and then came out to the summer house where Mix and I listened to Andy Murray losing his semi final in the French Open. Better luck at Wimbledon. I had offered to take Cathy somewhere because it was such a fine day but she preferred to work away on the chairs which she is re-upholstering. Digger worked in his allotment after returning from a trip to a garden centre where Olive used some vouchers she had been given to buy some trees and plants which she spent the rest of the day planting and arranging. Mum spent most of the day watching the D Day commemorations on the television.

In the late afternoon Sandy arrived (in his new car) and he and Rachel did some more work on the loom. They have some yarn and are going to order more for a second run but it will be good to have everything back in working order.

We dined at seven and afterwards we retired to the Granary. My goodness but it is really very warm! (Dinner was excellent. Olive had made a chickpea and mint pate which she served on home-baked bread, followed by banana wrapped in ham in a cheese sauce and covered in crumble, served with a potato cake. I ate well.)

We watched Inspector Gently which I always enjoy and then, after walking Mix, I retired to bed. It has been a lovely day in every way.

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