Wednesday 22nd. January, 2013 – A Visit to the Dentist (and the Doctor too) 

Rachel at the dentists – she has just had a tooth out, hence the lopsided look

Woke and walked Mix. By breakfast time Digger had already taken Olive to the train at Berwick so that she could set off to lecture in Dundee. I showered and set off with Rachel for Edinburgh to visit Andrew, our dentist (Rachel had a tooth out, I escaped on this occasion). Rowan came with us in the car, Mix stayed with Mum (and was very well behaved).

Next door to the dentist’s surgery is a mini-market with a pet section. I bought the biggest cushion I have ever seen for Mix and when I got home I installed it in the summer house. It was an instant success.

Mix explores his new cushion for the first time

I’ve been bothered by pains in my chest for a day or two. I haven’t thought much about it putting it down to either the remains of a cold or else my unaccustomed energetic lifestyle. But as the pain hasn’t gone away I telephoned the doctor’s surgery to see if I could make an appointment for later in the week. The receptionist asked why I wanted an appointment and I told her. ‘In that case you must come here instantly’, she said. I drove to the surgery where I was examined by the hospital nurse – our practice is a shared one: two practices and a local hospital. The nurse (who was fabulous) told me I had a temperature, confirmed that my blood pressure was normal and completed an ECG examination, the results of which she passed to the doctor who then came and examined and interviewed me. The upshot of it all is that I seem to have (I’m sure a mild dose of) pleurisy. I must say the name pleurisy made me break out in a cold sweat and I asked what I would have to do to get rid of it. The doctor grinned and said, ‘Get a friendly doctor to give you some antibiotics and you will be fine.’ By now it was a quarter to five so, armed with my prescription, I drove into Duns and got my medicine and the cure has begun. Reflected that we are obviously fortunate in our local medical staff.

I drove Mum into Duns to attend a Burns evening at the Duns Guild and then Rachel and I dined together in the Granary – Digger had gone to Berwick to collect Olive and we thought that we would all do our own thing. So while we were eating we started to watch a thriller which we had recorded from the television. Called ‘The Tunnel’, it was recommended by my brother and is a French/British collaboration. The dialogue is in both languages with the French being subtitled – I expect there will be a mirror image for French audiences. We enjoyed it so much that we watched the first three (of ten) episodes and we will be continuing to watch over the next few evenings. I also prepared the music files for Arrochar and sent them off by email.

And finally – Mix and I walked the policies before retiring to bed (we don’t have any water. It was turned off at 8 p.m. and is due to come on again at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. Evidently all of the pipes in the local area were replaced a year ago and this is some form of maintenance check. I say we don’t have any water but in fact we have a bath-full, several sinks-full, a bucket full, a kettle full and five dog-basins full. We probably have more water available to use than we have ever had before.) Rural living is such an adventure.

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