Thursday 16th. January, 2014 – Chaos 


I woke early and was out on the road walking Mix earlier than usual. In part this was because I had to ensure that Rachel was up in time to breakfast and walk Rowan before meeting Dorothy at nine o’clock when they both set off together for Berwick to attend a stained-glass-making class. They were away all day and had a splendid time.

Dorothy dropped Tom off with me and he and I had a hard working day. First we completed the skirting on the summer house – Tom did most of that, and while he did I carried box after box of books into the summer house. Next we climbed into the first floor of the hen house to see what kind of a state it was in. Our next project is to start work on this. We went into one of the barns and found the box with all of the plans and discovered the building warrant plans which have been used to do all that has so far been done. In fact a great deal of the work is already complete, the walls have all been partitioned off and the first floor, obviously, has been formed. The drains appear to have been put in and some of the electrics as well. I telephoned the electrician to get advice from him about all that has been done before we start to clear out the hen house.

Then we did an inspection of all of the other barns. One has no roof and we will have to replace that. Another seems in good repair and for now all that we will have to do is to make a new door. Then we will be able to seal this barn off and use it to store everything in – keeping it all safe from the swallows who will soon return and take up residence with us.

At lunchtime, Tom, Mum and I went up to Gavinton Church were we shared in the soup and sweet lunch. There was a good number of folk there; the soup and the crumble were excellent and I enjoyed the company.

Rachel and Dorothy returned and Dorothy and Tom went off to prepare tea for their family. I retired to the summer house to start on all of those boxes of books. It was absolute chaos and, in fact, I laboured right through the evening trying to create a little order out of the situation. (Rachel was away in Berwick singing with the choir there – what a gallivanting life she is leading!) I dined with Mum and Olive and Digger – a plate was kept for Rachel when she returned. She got back just before ten and had had a great evening.

With most of the books sorted out (most of the books which I have so far unpacked, that is – there are many hundred still to unearth) I gave up and prepared the music for Arrochar, sent the files to Jamie and then Mix and I went out for another walk (our third of the day) and both of us were pleased to get to bed.

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