Tuesday 14th. January, 2014 – And it’s back to where I started! 

Some of the folk in the Pilgrimage Centre at Luss this evening

Woke and started on the new regime to lose weight by having porridge for breakfast instead of egg and bacon. Then tried to walk that little bit faster with Mix (who seemed to quite enjoy it).

Back at the Granary, Mix and I loaded several more boxes of books into the summerhouse and then started to unpack and sort them. This is a fabulous task as I get to meet so many old and much loved friends and every so often come up against a book I bought ages ago and never quite got round to reading. Unfortunately the shelves are beginning to fill up and I have hardly scratched the surface of the book-box mountain.

Showered and changed and then took Mix for another walk before handing him over into the care of Olive and Digger while Rachel and I (with Rowan – nobody wants to look after Rowan!) set off for Bill and Morag’s home in Kirkintilloch where we were given a great welcome and a wonderful tea. We set off together for Luss for the Guild meeting there and, although we set off in very good time, we only just made it because of delays on the Erskine Bridge.

It had been arranged months ago that Rachel would show our holiday pictures ‘Prague to Prague in Five Years’. I had assumed that when we left, the invitation would have lapsed, but last week we got a lovely letter reminding us that we were expected. Well, we had a very pleasant evening with old friends and I was so glad that we were there, even if it did remind me of how much I miss them all. And the Guild supper was bigger and better than ever.

It was about twenty to ten before we set off for home and almost half past midnight when we got home. Mix was delighted to see us. We walked around the policies and were glad to get to bed.

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