Tuesday 23rd. March, 2021 

Today I filmed the online service for Palm Sunday, recording in the morning and editing in the afternoon. Rachel collected together several art pictures of the events of Palm Sunday and I used these in the completed edit. I am aware, of course, that there will be fewer people sharing online this weekend because we can now return to church, but there will be some who are still at home.

This evening, after dinner at the farmhouse, I attended a meeting of the Presbytery Business Committee. It seems that Edinburgh is in the course of agreeing the position of the new minister for Greenlaw and the Presbytery which I mentioned yesterday.

There was also an impromptu discussion on how we could persuade congregations with large resources to assist congregations with very few resources but with plans to take forward their mission to their parishes. It's an important subject which will be easier to tackle when we can all start to meet face to face once more.

Tomorrow my task is to attempt to prepare several of the services for Holy Week which will be celebrated live in church. I'll enjoy this task enormously!


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