Saturday 20th. March, 2021 

Come on then! Let me in, it's good to be home. I don't know why it takes him so long to get out of a car. It's not as though he locks it up. Yet here I am ready to get into the house and he is no where to be seen.

It's been a long day. We got up and my sisters and Ditto (the black Lab -- just a boy still) took my master and Mistress for a walk. My Master takes us (Bramble and me running free and the boy on a lead) up the hill opposite while my Mistress and Rowan walk gently to the end of the field and then turn back for home. As soon as we get to the tree on the summit my Master puts his hand on it and says, 'OK' and Bramble and I turn round and race down the hill to where my Mistress and Rowan have reached. My Master and the boy arrive soon afterwards -- my master gets delayed because Ditto always has to find something to carry home. Sometimes he steals shoes and leaves them in the garden. Then there is some shouting!

After breakfast My Master and I set off by car for Fogo Parish Church where we worked all day, being visited by Tom and Dorothy (who brought lunch for my master but not for me), by my Mistress and by John. We also saw a lady called Molly whom I understand is a professional photographer and, according to my master, takes marvelous pictures!

Together we got all the camera business for streaming done, and also most of the sound issues. Tomorrow we are going to complete the sound set up and then work out how to present the musical items -- pictures and words -- while my Mistress controls the music from the organ. I am becoming a very technologically competent dog!

I came home and explained all that we had been doing to Rowan and Bramble and Ditto. Ditto wasn't really interested and Rowan thought that she should really have gone. Bramble thought my face had got dirty and washed it for me before I took my Master across to the Farmhouse for dinner. I reminded him he had to feed Fred the fish and then we came back home and we dogs settled down to our dinner with, as an extra treat, a sausage each provided by Olive who is a very good cook!

We had a relaxing evening and I slept on my Master's lap while he and my Mistress watched an episode of Harrow which is set in Australia, where I would like to go and run along their beaches.

Then my master watched some youtube videos about soundboards so that he is prepared for our foray to Church tomorrow. Now it was time to go outside before coming back in and settling down to sleep. We have achieved a great deal today and I know my Master has appreciated all that I have done to help!


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