Friday 19th. March, 2021 

I told you so! Snowball reporting, again. I told you I would get to go with my Master when he had to set up the church for what he calls 'live-stream' worship.

We set off soon after ten and didn't get home until after five. I didn't mind. The gallery where we were working has a lovely carpet as you can see from the picture. If you look closely, you can also see my different eyes -- I am a very special dog.

Tom came and joined my Master and they put up cameras and shouted into microphones and had a lot of trouble with something called a video-switcher. Eventually my master sent an email to the people who had made it in somewhere called California and, within ten minutes, they were back in touch and immediately sorted out the problem. Seems like my master is not as smart as he thought he was!

But everything has now been done and tomorrow we are going back to church, my Master and I, and we are going to experiment with using it so that we can start streaming on Easter Sunday. It is all very exciting and I will be able to watch my Master in church without leaving our home here at Mount Pleasant.

This is the result of all our work today. The big TV shows what is being broadcast. The laptop shows the different views which are available for the video operator. The desk on the left is what all of the microphones are plugged into. The box on the right is the video switcher and streamer and that's one of the little cameras sitting on the tripod. There are several of these to give different views of the church.

My master says that what he is doing today is very important but that it isn't nearly so important as what is said and the message which comes down the video stream. I think that he believes that what happens on a Sunday will have to change if people are to share with us online. After all, I heard him say to my Mistress, what we are putting on line at the moment is very different from what we do in church Sunday by Sunday. I'll share with you tomorrow anything further which I learn from our trip to church tomorrow -- a good run around the church yard and then a sleep in the gallery is the basis of a very happy day!

I went with my Master and Mistress to the Farmhouse for dinner. My Master was very excited because there was Cheese and Bean pie. I was excited because I saw Olive give my Mistress some sausages which she said were for the dogs -- that's what they call us: but I don't mind, especially if there are sausages!

Digger is going to watch football on the television tonight. I think my Mistress will want to watch Riviera which she started a couple of days ago. Then it will be the News, my late-night trip outside and bed. What a life! I think they call it a dog's life because it's just the kind of life they would most enjoy. Aren't I lucky? (And I think my Mistress has a big bag of carrots which she bought to give us each one tonight -- I'll definitely get one because today I have been a Very Good Dog indeed.)


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