Wednesday 17th. March, 2021 

My name is Snowball and I was happily dozing on the sofa in front of the stove and happily minding my own business when my Master came and took my picture (I tried to pretend I was still asleep) and then he pushed me off the sofa and said that he was too tired to write his blog tonight, so would I do it. I ask you. I'm just a dog, and most people tell me that I'm not a very bright dog at that.

Tom calls me the 'daft' dog because my eyes are different colours. If he commented on people like that he'd really be in trouble but because I'm just a dog it doesn't matter.

I told you my name is Snowball but I have quite a few names. My Mistress calls me Daisy and I think that was my first name, given to me by my first owners. They died when I was very young and so I was brought to Mount Pleasant Farm, driven down from Edinburgh without a clue where I was going. But I have got a good billet and I live here with my sister Rowan who has only one name, is twenty minutes older than me and never stops reminding me of that fact. My little sister Bramble also lives here. (She also has only one name.) Bramble has to have lots of baths because she has long hair and is a 'Very Dirty Dog' (which is, I think, worse than being daft). Bramble is only five. I am seven! And then there is Ditto. Ditto is a big black Lab who has been here about a year and a half. He is very kind and very happy but my Mistress sometimes gets cross with him because his tail breaks things. She gets angry with me when I bark but I only do that in the morning to remind everyone that it is time to go for a walk -- and sometimes when a visitor arrives.

I am a very happy dog and I spend most of my time with my Master. When he does his film editing I get to go with him to the Hen House and we always have a biscuit before he gets down to work. In the evening I usually lie on the sofa with my head in his lap. My Master says to my Mistress, "Look at this dog!" I think they think I am really quite smart.

I better tell you about what my Master has been up to today. Most of the day was spent preparing for something called 'Church streaming'. The whole of the lounge was filled with wires and cables and cameras and other bit of electrical things called 'gubbins'. There was some swearing but by mid-afternoon everything had evidently been sorted out and my Master says that the next stage is to have a practice in Church. I hope that I will get to go with my Master. I think that I will. I enjoy being in the car and I have my own special bed in the back.

The people had a Chinese take-away for tea. I get to go to the Farm House with my Master at tea-time. He likes me to go with him because I remind his that he has to feed Fred the cat-fish who is twenty-six years old and who gets very excited every night when it is time for tea. Fred belongs to my Master's brother, Scott, who left him here when he moved house. I think that he has forgotten to collect him for he has been here for a very long time.

In the evening my master was on a Zoom call with his friends from Greenlaw who are starting to make plans for when a new minister comes to look after their church. After that meeting I went to sleep until I was rudely awoken and told to write this blog. Maybe, if you like it, I'll get to write it again.


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