Tuesday 16th. March, 2021 

It's Tuesday, so today I take the script I prepared yesterday, film it and then edit it before putting it online ready for next Sunday. The picture above was taken this afternoon when I had got to the stage of editing. The two pictures below show the set-up for filming.

This is a picture taken from behind -- I've found the lights to be very important for creating a clear picture. The next picture is my view of the camera, or rather of the autocue, into which I speak each week. You'll notice how untidy the room gets when I set all this equipment out. It doesn't matter because, as you'll see from the picture at the top of this entry, it's only a tiny part of the room that ever gets seen in the completed film.

So that's Tuesday! Well not really. We walked the dogs. I made myself two rolls filled with sausages for lunch and then I attended two Zoom meetings. The first at 6 p.m. was with Epiphan from the United States and was a teach-in on how to use a Pearl-2 which is the unit we shall be using to stream our services from Easter Sunday onwards.

The second, at 7, was an expanded Presbytery Planning Committee which looked briefly at the questionnaires we had all been asked to complete as well as reporting on progress with the appointment to Presbytery and Greenlaw Parish Church.

Ate on my own -- with supper supplied from the farmhouse -- after the Zoom meeting had ended, and then it was time for the News and then to bed!


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