Monday 15th. March, 2021 

Unless I have a funeral or other special event -- and, at present, funerals are almost the only thing which disrupts my routine -- I spend Monday preparing the online service for the following Sunday. It takes me all day. I start with a blank piece of paper and end up first with a typed out script and then with an autocue script like the one for next Sunday which can be seen on the screen above. (It is, of course, deliberately, the wrong way round because it is bounced off a mirror behind which the camera will sit when I film it tomorrow.) Tomorrow I will turn this into a film and it will be uploaded to our website and will become generally available from next Saturday night.

But there were other activities today. We walked the dogs -- of course! They wouldn't allow us to omit what to them is why we exist. Tom collected the church Easter cards which will be delivered to every home in the parish tomorrow. It contains details of our opening services on Palm Sunday. Normally I would deliver these but with the sudden re-opening of churches I am racing to prepare all of the extra services which will be involved (as we will continue to provide online worship as well).

It is our plan to start to live stream our Sunday worship from Easter Sunday. At present we haven't been able to do this because we don't have appropriate cameras and there is a dearth of cameras in this country at the moment. However, I resourced two this morning and I hope to have them here tomorrow.

Olive and Digger dined with us in the Granary tonight. They went off to watch the quiz programmes which are a part of their Monday night (University Challenge, Mastermind and Only Connect). It's not our scene so we watched an old movie, 'Looking Glass War' based on a John Le Carre novel, before the News and then bed.


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