Saturday 13th. March, 2021 

Today was my birthday -- seventy-five today -- and Rachel had arranged a wonderful day for me. We had a picnic lunch in her summer house with the dogs all around us. It was lovely.

Lunch was just what I most enjoy: prawn cocktail followed by Parma Ham, salami, and all kinds of antipasti, leading up to a cake and all washed down with a Martini Asti Spumante: the best.

I tucked in! I spent the afternoon watching some of the golf from Sawgrass in the USA and then, of course, the exciting rugby match between England and France. Neither side deserved to lose but England finally won with a score just before the end. Earlier in the afternoon, Scott and Sue popped in and brought me a present of a top for when we go to support Durham Cricket Club when the summer arrives and the lockdown is over. Jim also left a card and a jar of Marmalade from Liz and from him on the doorstep. Such kindness.

Olive and Digger gave us another splendid birthday meal. It started with a present:

I could see what it said on the box but I still couldn't quite believe my eyes when I opened it:

I could hardly lift it -- and I love Toblerone! Again we started with a prawn cocktail (they all know what I really enjoy). This was followed by beef olives and vegetables and then trifle; washed down first with a Prosecco and then with a Saint Emilion. And, of course, a birthday cake:

I blew out the candle but Rachel muffed the photo! We came back home (a journey of fifteen paces) and watched the final three episodes of West Wing. We have finally finished a journey of one hundred and fifty-four episodes and I feel as if a chapter of my life has come to an end. It was so good and was particularly poignant after all that has been happening in the United States in recent times.

We caught the news and went to bed. A fabulous day (so much kindness from so many people).


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