Thursday 11th. March, 2021 

This is Rachel sitting in the Bongo. It failed its MOT a couple of years ago and we hung on to it with the thought that one day we might get around to doing something with it, However, there has been some interest expressed in it and we are going to let it go -- so Rachel had a last sit in the van and she can buy something nice with the money we get for it.

We walked the dogs quite early this morning and then spent the rest of the morning with Tom working on the floor of the main bedroom in the henhouse. Progress is being made!

This afternoon, as well as having a shower, I worked on Presbytery matters. I'm really concerned about the Church of Scotland's plans for the future -- we seem to be reconciled to continued decline and we seem to believe that we can only have as many congregations as we have ministers. I'm very afraid that those in charge are seeking a one-size-fits-all ministry. I wouldn't have coped with that at all!


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