Tuesday 9th. March, 2021 

Our First Minister announced this afternoon that we can return to Church for worship on Palm Sunday -- a week earlier than I had anticipated. She also announced that our Church may have as many as fifty in the congregation (always supposing that there is enough room in church to enable safe distancing).

I'm delighted of course, but it will mean that we will have to plan to have Holy Week Services both in Church and online. Thank goodness we have been given two week's notice!

I'm looking forward to standing behind this table again and leading our folk in worship. I hope that others are as excited as I am -- I'm sure that they are.

Up and walked the dogs this morning -- just me as Rachel was a bit tired and had a long lie. Then I spent the morning writing the service for next Sunday. Normally I do this on a Monday but yesterday I had a funeral. However I have been writing and rewriting the service in my head over the last few days and I actually had it prepared by lunchtime and so I recorded it this afternoon and even had it blocked out on computer by dinner this evening. I'll work on it tomorrow morning before my Zoom meeting in the afternoon.

This evening we watched a bit of West Wing before the news and Newsnight. I've been hard at work today but I have enjoyed it.


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