Monday 8th. March, 2021 

We dined in the Granary tonight. We had been sent some Molasses covered in chocolate all the way from our cousins in California. The picture above was taken to email to them to show that we had received them and that we were enjoying them!

Earlier in the day I conducted the funeral of Ronnie Punton, a former Edinburgh policeman who retired with his wife to the Borders and latterly lived in Gordon. This was at the Crematorium at Melrose and, one way and another, took up most of the day so my weekly schedule is different this week. Normally I prepare my Sunday service on Monday and then film and edit it on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will spend writing my service and hope to film it on Wednesday morning before a Zoom Presbytery meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The big news today appears to be an interview which Prince Harry and his wife Megan have given in America and which has been extremely critical of the Royal Family. I'm always sorry to see dirty washing washed in public and I am quite uncomfortable at the prurient interest which so much of the world seems to be taking in business which is best left to those involved. Even Newsnight is jumping up and down with interest and excitement. Quite sad really. Best comment was from John Kerry of the USA who was asked for his take on things and said that there were many more things in the world which were much more important and deserving of our consideration. Well said.


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