Sunday 7th. March, 2021 

It's Sunday so I should be in church. But we are still under Covid restrictions so that's not possible. Our church continues to look beautiful both inside and out and, although you can't really see from the photograph, the whole area is covered with snowdrops. It is a very special place.

Today Rachel and I walked the dogs, had breakfast and shared in the service online at the normal church time of 10.30 after which we were joined by a good crowd for the coffee and zoom get-together at 11.15 for an hour or so. It was good to see everyone and to have a really good chat.

We dined in the farmhouse and this afternoon I experimented with the computer programme which I use to record our services to see if I could rescue some of the music which I lost when an external hard-drive crashed. Success!

I also made the final preparations for a funeral service at the crematorium tomorrow.

This evening Rachel and I dined on antipasti of salami, dried tomatoes, roast peppers, artichokes under oil, and potato salad followed by mushrooms on toast. Loved it!

Later we watched Macdonald and Dodd which we enjoyed, followed by the news and the final holes of the final round of the Arnold Palmer Golf Championship from Orlando. Made me long for sunshine and the chance to be on a golf course. I know we can play here but this next week every minute is already accounted for.


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