Saturday 6th. March, 2021 

Early this afternoon I drove down to Fogo Church. I had some equipment which had to be taken there, including a wheelchair and a zimmer and several other items. While I was there I found my camera. I have been searching for it for several weeks -- and all the time it was in the church! So I took a picture of the ikon which sits on the old communion table which is in the quiet room in the church. I love the ikon, which I think I bought in Russia, because it is so peaceful, and just perfect for settling me down if I want to sit and be quiet.

We walked the dogs first thing this morning and then I started typing out the entries to a diary which I had kept when I went on a visit to South Africa back in 2012. I had been invited to go to Johannesburg to deliver the annual St. Columba's lecture which is delivered one year by someone from the United States and the next by someone from Scotland. I was invited to talk about my work in Luss and about my involvement with pilgrimage so Rachel and I spent two happy, happy weeks as the guests of the Presbyterian Church of South Africa.

This year the Presbyterian church in Johannesburg celebrates its centenary and I have been asked to send a video greeting. Of course, I'll be delighted to do this but this started me thinking about all that we had done while we were there. I remembered that I had kept a diary; so I found it and today I transcribed it while Rachel looked out our photographs and over the next few days I will try to put them together into some kind of a presentation. If it works out I may even put it on this website.

This evening, after dining in the farmhouse we watched the final film in the Zen series. They are so good and I'm so sorry that they only made three in the series (incidentally I think they were made, or maybe first shown, in 2012 the year we were in South Africa).

After lunch, as I indicated above, I drove to the church. This was because another of my tasks is to try to sort out the summer house which has become the depository for all items for which we have no other home. By this time next week I hope to be able to show you a picture of it returned to how it should be. We'll see.

The television has been on a bit during the day today. First thing because England have been playing India at cricket in India. They were totally outplayed today and have finally lost the series by three games to one. Later, at lunchtime, I turned on the tv to see if the news was on and discovered a football match about to start. It was Watford against Nottingham Forest and Watford is the team I always say I support if I'm asked. (I'm not really a great football fan.) But it was always Watford because that's where I was born. It's a long story and I'll tell it someday!

Anyway, I stopped and watched the game because when we first moved down here I used to go to Berwick with my brother and sister to watch Berwick Rangers, something which we did regularly (we even had season tickets) right up until they were demoted from the league. I was able to wear my Watford scarf because both teams play in the same colours -- yellow and black. After England's defeat, Watford's one goal to nil victory raised my spirits considerably and I set off for the church in really bright sunshine and didn't really notice that it is still extremely cold.


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