Friday 5th. March, 2021 

Today is the World Day of Prayer which this year comes from the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu. Normally we come together in one church in our area and move around, year by year, but, of course, this year that wasn't possible so instead there was a Zoom Service with readers from sixteen different congregations within Berwickshire. Three of the congregations with which I am involved were among those sixteen and we had three readers -- Dorothy from Fogo, Janice from Gordon and Carol from Greenlaw. All were excellent and it was a good experience although it made me realise why I prefer to offer an online service rather than a Zoom Service Sunday by Sunday. But well done to everyone involved and it was great that some ninety people shared in the service online. (The picture above shows some of those present before the service began. Obviously we couldn't see all ninety folk but I suppose that we all saw a different section of the online audience.)

Earlier in the day Tom came to help us with the repair of the ground floor of the Hen House after the burst pipe which did such a lot of damage. We are going to be able to put everything right (with Tom's help) it's just a bit of a nuisance!

This afternoon I searched out the diary that I kept when Rachel and I were in South Africa back in 2012. Rachel has also looked out our photographs and I'm going to prepare a short presentation for my own benefit (but which I might even put on this web-site). I was invited to go to St. Columba's Church in Johannesburg to deliver the annual St. Andrew's lecture. What a good time they gave us, and how much we learned from the experience. So that is going to be my task in off duty moments over the next few days.

I also spent quite a while preparing a funeral service which will be held on Monday at the crematorium at Melrose.

I'll leave you with a picture of the women of Vanuatu, part of the Zoom presentation tonight.


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