Thursday 4th. March 

Now that working with people is impossible because of the virus restrictions Rachel has returned to producing kilts and tartan herself. There have been two kilts on the go in the last few days and today Rachel has arranged to produce ten tartan rugs in the Bruce tartan for a special customer. At the moment she is at her computer in her study upstairs ordering the yarns for the rugs. Sandy, who owned the weaving loom for many years when it was based in his cottage restaurant at Tarbet on Loch Lomond is helping Rachel with the ordering and, I expect, with the weaving as well. I think that both of them are really looking forward to this project.

This morning, after walking the dogs, Rachel and I set about gutting the bedroom in the Henhouse. It was flooded out with a burst pipe earlier in the year and we have been drying it out. Today we dismantled wardrobes and lifted most things out of the room and tomorrow we will start to sort out any damage to the floor itself.

In the afternoon I prepared for a funeral. It is so strange arranging a funeral remotely by telephone but it is the law just now. The funeral will be on Monday at the Crematorium and I expect that there will just be half-a-dozen of us. That, too, has become the way of things just now.

We dined with Olive and Digger -- a Chinese take-away -- and later Rachel and I watched the Fourth Protocol, an old film and a good one!


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