Wednesday 3rd. March 

Above are three of the dogs we walked this morning. You'll see that they are quite at home! I wanted to bring you up-to-date with our dog family as the last time I blogged I was nursing my old Dog's Trust faithful mongrel, Mix. I really loved him and he was devoted to me and it almost broke my heart when he died.

But we were left with our three sisters, from the left, Rowan, Snowball and Bramble. Rowan and Snowball are twins (Rowan being twenty minutes older than Snowball) and the two of them being two years older than Bramble who is five.

Snowball is my constant companion. She enjoys being with me while I am preparing a service or editing one in the Hen House; and she loves travelling with me in the car (although we don't do so much of that just now).

The baby of our family is Ditto who is three and is a big black Labrador who we inherited when our friend, Clare, died.

You'll see that he, too, is very much at home!

But what of today? Well, we were up early and walked the dogs and then we settled down for the day to watch the harassment investigation from the Scottish parliament as Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed by the investigating committee. I thought that she was very impressive and it will be interesting to see what the press and other politicians make of it.

(For those who see this long after the events are forgotten, the investigation is as a result of a court case during which Alec Salmond, the former First Minister, was charged with a whole string of offences against women with whom he worked. He was found not guilty on all charges and then accused the government of conspiring to have him driven from public life.

An earlier attempted investigation within the Scottish parliament failed because of failings in the way the investigation was conducted and parliament had to pay more than half a million pounds to cover the former First Minister's legal costs after he challenged the government in the Scottish Courts.

The current investigating committee is looking into the failings of the Scottish Government and feelings are heightened as opposition parties see this as a way of bringing down the independence party shortly before elections which might have restarted the journey towards independence.)

While we watched, Rachel completed a jigsaw - every piece, I'm told, was shaped like some animal and the completed jigsaw was of a fox. Here is the completed jigsaw:

We dined in the Farm House and then I shared in a Zoom meeting of the Congregational Board of Greenlaw Parish Church during which we approved the annual accounts for last year and discussed the alterations which are to be made to the manse.

We watched a couple of episodes of the West Wing (we are on the final series) and then caught up with the News (today has been budget day at Westminster) before bed.


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