Tuesday 2nd. March, 2021 

Up early and walked the dogs so that I could get back home and record the service for next Sunday. I have to set up the camera and the other equipment in the Granary because moving equipment from one level of temperature to another causes the lenses to fog. Soon I'll be able to set everything up in the bothy which you will see from the picture at the head of this entry is now back to how it should be.

The recording went fine but I then had trouble with the editing. I have superb software but the computer I use is rather old and it was playing up today. However, eventually I got everything done and this evening I loaded it on to Youtube from where it will become available through our website at the weekend.

I always feel a bit relaxed on Tuesday evening if I have the service completed. I can now do other things from tomorrow. There is a great deal to do and what I do will largely depend upon the weather. It would be nice to think that it will be a warm, sunny day and then all options will be open!

I got a lovely video phone call from my friend Sameh in Egypt today. It was good to hear from him. It would be even better to be able to plan to go and visit him, or to plan to welcome him here. It's something we would love to do.


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