Monday 1st. March, 2021 

We were up at 8 and walked the dogs by 9. It was a lovely sunny day. At nine Tom and Tom arrived to take the TVs from the Bothy to Greenlaw and Gordon Parish Churches. The picture above shows one of the TVs after it has been erected. The picture is off a flash drive and one of the ideas is that Sunday Services will be conducted by members of the congregation (perhaps with assistance from a script) and then the sermon will be delivered on a flash drive and can be shared with the congregation. In this way one minister can realistically look after four or five congregations on a Sunday morning. The TV is large so that the minister's head and shoulders can be seen life-size and this will, I think, work very well. The stand can raise the TV screen very much higher!

Of course, this is just a first step as I hope that soon we will have all of the churches linked so that a sermon from one can be live-streamed to other congregations. This will require all services to start at the same time!

I've been asked why just four or five congregations? The answer, of course, is that if something is to last and to engage local folk I think that it needs to be a local production. There will be a place for a special sermon from the Moderator or perhaps from our Mission Partner and there will be all kinds of special uses to which the equipment can be put but it will be based on local people whom everyone in the congregation knows.

During the morning and afternoon I prepared the service for next Sunday. That's my Monday task for every week. Tomorrow I will record and edit the production and have it uploaded to Youtube by tomorrow evening. (Although it sits on Youtube it can only be accessed through our website or through a link which we share with local folk. I'm still amazed by how folk from far away still manage to access our service -- and we are glad to have them with us.)

Olive and Digger joined us for dinner at the Granary this evening and afterwards while they went off to watch all of the quiz programmes on TV which make up their Monday evenings, Rachel and I watched another couple of episodes of the West Wing.

I was given an Alexa for Christmas and I love the way I can say, "Alexa, play songs by Tommy Steele" -- and she provides Tommy Steele songs until I ask her to stop. So far today I've listened to the songs of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Freddy and the Dreamers and Jim Reeves. It's wonderful!


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