Sunday 28th. February, 2021 

Today was lovely; it almost felt as through Spring had arrived! The picture above is of Mount Pleasant farm from the field around which we walked the dogs before sharing in the Sunday online service this morning. After the service we shared in a forty-five minute Zoom with members of the congregation. It was great to see everyone and to catch up on what they have all been doing.

We had Sunday lunch in the farm house with Olive and Digger and then, as I said yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the Bothy getting everything (almost) finally in order. Tomorrow Tom and Tom will remove the two televisions from the Bothy and I will get it finally in order!

Rachel spent the afternoon in her summer house working on her website. Spring really must be in the air!

Our evening meal we shared, Rachel and I, in the Granary after which we watched Mcdonald and Dodds on television before catching up on the News and bed.


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