Friday 26th. February, 2021 

I told you a couple of days ago that I spent a large part of the day setting up Rachel's website and installing pages which Rachel could then adapt. Well, here she is sitting at her laptop doing just that. There are long periods of silence during which she is obviously making good progress; then there are loud explosions as things don't go as well as she was expecting! But progress is being made.

I started the day walking Ditto. Rachel walked the three collies a bit later as she had to be in for the weekly phone call from Morrisons who take our order and then deliver our weekly food. We are looked after exceptionally well. (Ditto and I took the opportunity of being on our own to go over the hill and back home by a different route.)

The reason I had to go and couldn't wait for Rachel was because later in the morning I had to take part in a Team meeting with Edinburgh about the future of our presbytery. I think there are about forty-four presbyteries in Scotland just now and Edinburgh now wants to cut these down to nine. George Whyte, the Principal Clerk, was explaining to us why this new system would be in everyone's best interests. I wasn't convinced but it's too big a subject to explain why in just a few words. I will write up my thoughts and I'll share them here later on.

This afternoon I didn't get as much done as I should have done. Why? Because Alec Salmond was giving evidence to a committee in the Scottish parliament which was charged with exploring the way that parliament dealt with harassment charges against him. It was a ferocious attack on Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister. With the Scottish elections just a few weeks away, it is unpleasant to see the two big beasts of Scottish Nationalism squabbling in this way.

We enjoyed a Chinese take-away with Olive and Digger this evening and watched a bit of television before Newsnight.


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