Thursday 25th. February, 2021 

For those who have just rejoined me, I'm filling in the gaps left during the time I forgot that I had a blog which I had abandoned! I'd been working through my normal week in lockdown and I got to Thursday which, of course, started as always with dog-walking.

My task for today was to get the Presbytery Questionnaire into order and submitted to Presbytery. I also spent some time on the telephone with one of the other congregations with which I am involved, helping them to get their submission in order. I realise I haven't yet got you caught up on all my church adventures but, don't worry, I shall!

Tonight, after dinner, my Zoom is with two of the young folk of our church. They requested the meeting so that makes it doubly special. But in my catching-up mode I want to share with you one of the great adventures of last year. "Your had an adventure last year?, I hear you ask, "We thought you were in lockdown" Well, yes, we were, but not before we shared in a wonderful adventure.

We had been preparing for it for a year with a meeting once a month in which we examined all that we would be seeing and made our elaborate preparations for an eleven day pilgrimage to the Holy Land! I dreamed of how it might be and of how it might enrich our Fogo congregation, but reality surpassed my wildest hopes. For all of us -- that's us (everyone except me)in the picture at the head of this entry (I took the photograph) -- it was the trip of a lifetime and we were so extremely fortunate for we left in the last week of January and returned in February, just ahead of the virus.

One week later and our trip would have been cancelled. And there were so many other ways in which we were fortunate as well. We had the best guide imaginable, Nael is his name -- and a superb coach-driver, Hasan, for whom nothing was too much trouble. The weather was great, the accommodation superb and, because of the time of year, so many of the places we wanted to see were quite quiet. And our company couldn't have been bettered!

I'm not going to retell every adventure we had. Instead here is a link to my account of our trip: We came home and almost immediately all everyone spoke about was the virus -- but not us, we had too much to talk about and think about in the experience we had shared together in the Holy Land.


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