Sunday 17th. May, 2015 – The Sunday after Ascension 

Best of Pals

Up, walked Mix, showered and went off to Gavinton Church with Mum and Rachel. Our service was conducted by Jeff on the theme of Ascension and remembering that even when we are celebrating, God remembers those who are finding it hard to celebrate, who when we are all being very loud, just want to be quiet.

I came home and started trying to recover my blog which had fallen a bit by the wayside. I also recovered Rachel’s web-site. Soon it was lunchtime and after lunch I divided the afternoon between sorting my blog and experimenting with my new banjo – it is wonderful and what a life I enjoy!

Rachel and I walked the dogs, Rachel taking Rowan and Bramble (it was OK because no other dogs had been there) around the field next to our home while I walked down through the woods beside our home. Then Rachel went off to Berwick to the evening service while I remained in charge of the canine part of the family.

We had a snack when Rachel returned and all gathered to watch ‘Home Fires’. I watched the news and fiddled about a bit before bed. Home Fires was good and gentle and quite fun, perfect Sunday evening viewing! Tomorrow I will be at Mount Pleasant all day – the first day for quite a while. Mix will certainly enjoy that.


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