Saturday 16th. May, 2015 – A Friend and a Meal 

I took this picture yesterday of Nikki and Ann in the kilt-making studio. They were hard at work and I was running around so I forgot that I had taken it but, having found it again, I wanted to share it

I hadn’t intended to get up too early but with Rachel up and running around after Bramble, I did get up and, after walking Mix, went off up to Duns to attend a Christian Aid Coffee Morning in the Church Hall. I was joined at a coffee table by a lady from Polworth with whom I chatted and happily exchanged life-stories for an hour or so before it was time to come home. (Duns was quite busy, with at least one road closed, due to a veteran car rally – some of the cars have been roaring past our home all day.)

In the afternoon a friend from university, David, arrived on his bike from Berwick where he had been visiting his son. We went off to Pearson’s (joined by Rachel) for lunch and then came back and we showed David what we had been doing since we got here. It had taken David two hours to cycle here because the wind was against him the whole way. We waved him off later in the afternoon trusting that the wind had not changed direction and that he would have an easier journey home.

I walked Mix and got ready to go out with Mum, Rachel, Olive and Digger to the Siamese Kitchen in Duns where we enjoyed a family evening meal, taken there by Mum. I enjoyed the satay followed by a curry with fried egg rice and then a pancake cooked in a pandan leaf and filled with coconut and sesame seeds, all washed down with coca cola and finished with a coffee.

Back home, Rachel and I watched a very old, black and white Dad’s Army which we hadn’t seen before and followed that with a totally modern Alan Partridge film while we interrupted to watch the News and then, thanks to the wonders of technology, returned to afterwards.

Then it was time for bed, so I quickly walked Mix around the block and off we went upstairs. Yet another fabulous day.


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