Thursday 14th. May, 2015 Christian Aid High Tea 

This bouquet is a copy of the flowers which Mum carried at her wedding in 1945. They were given to her last Sunday at the celebrations in Berwick to mark the seventieth anniversary of VE Day and had been copied from her wedding photographs. I should have photographed them before as they are now a little past their best but they still look very good

Today’s event wasn’t until later in the day so I had time to get on with some Presbytery work first thing. Mum had a visit from Betty who was brought down from Kirkcaldy by two friends from Mum’s former Church. I saw them to say hello before they went off for lunch together at the Black Bull.

In the afternoon David arrived and we chatted over coffee before I had to go to Clare’s where the Christian Aid event for today was High Tea at her home. Tom wasn’t able to come because Dorothy wasn’t feeling too well. I enjoyed the macaroni and there was plenty of it because there were not as many people present as we had expected. However the food and company were excellent and we had a very good time.

I got home to discover that everyone seemed to be busy – Mum was out at the WRI, Rachel and Ann were conducting a kilt-making course – and so I went off to an SNP meeting in Leitholm. I’m glad that I did because I heard the detailed results of the election in our constituency and realised how vital had been the work done locally in terms of the overall local result. I was quite surprised to learn that the SNP had an overall majority in Gavinton and that that majority was one which led to the success of the local constituency campaign.

I drove home and had a snack before walking Mix and retiring to bed. Another really good day made the more so because just before I went to bed Rachel said that she had a present for me – a banjo! You can guess how I will be spending my weekend: trying to relearn how to play a banjo. What a lovely and unexpected present.


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