Wednesday 13th. May, 2015 – An expedition into the Hills 

Poor little Bramble has just had her first bath – that will teach her to do unspeakable things! However, much as she resented the bath, she loved being towelled dry so even the nastiest cloud has a silver lining

Mix and I were up early and, after going for a walk along Bramble Avenue, we settled down in the Bothy to get on with some presbytery activities. I had a spot of lunch and then in the afternoon Tom collected Mum and me and, together with Dorothy and Brigit, we drove into the hills to the home of Heather who had arranged to have Christian Aid afternoon teas in her farmhouse. It was quite a journey and there were times as we journeyed along roads (which were little more than cart-tracks) that we wondered if were on the right road. Fortunately we met a lorry whose driver assured us that if we just kept going we would arrive at our destination in time – and we did.

We got a huge welcome and an absolutely wonderful afternoon tea – salmon sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, cakes galore.

Tom and I had to hurry back (a different, quicker and much easier road) so that we could load two tables and ten chairs onto Tom’s trailer and deliver them to Clare for the event tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile we left Mum with Dorothy, collecting her and bringing her home so I could walk Mix and be ready for Tom to collect me and take me off to a presbytery local church review which took us to Westruther and then to Greenlaw where I enjoyed meeting members of the boards and sessions of both congregations and hearing of all that they do.

It was a long evening but I was home in time for the News and to walk Mix before bed. It had been a very good day.


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