Saturday 9th. May, 2015 – Bramble arrives! 

Bramble isn’t sure about leaving Sang and Sang seems quite sorry to see her go

I got up quite leisurely and walked Mix before doing a bit of Presbytery work in the Bothy. Soon it was time for me to drive Rachel to Alloa, to Sang’s home, so that we could collect Bramble and bring her down to Mount Pleasant.

Rowan, Rachel’s dog, came from Sang, the offspring of Wittgenstein and Ella (two Border collies). Now the same two dogs have produced a second (and according to Sang, final) litter. Seven lovely puppies and one of them, Bramble – the only bitch in the litter – is destined for Rachel.

By the time that we arrived, three of the puppies had already left – Vadar, Samuel and Reilly (formerly Leviathan). Bramble was with her three remaining brothers, Monty, Rommel and Kiwi. Sang was clearly exhausted, having looked after all these dogs single-handedly for more than six weeks.

We had intended to take Sang out for lunch, but it was clear that all he really wanted to do was to sleep, so we left him (with a service to prepare for tomorrow) and set off for Mount Pleasant (stopping on the way home at Asda to buy the puppy food on which Bramble had been being fed).

Bramble received a grand welcome from Mix and Rowan – Rowan in particular seemed to sense the family bond and by the end of the evening they were firm friends. Rachel is happy that at present she can still out-run Bramble (only just) so that makes it easier to keep her under control.

Rachel has fitted up a cage in the lounge and in the bedroom so that Bramble has a bit of security, she is so tiny, but Rowan clearly remembers the cage in the bedroom as belonging to her and really was quite keen to reclaim it. We dissuaded her and everyone went off to bed. (I suppose that we had watched television this evening but in reality life centred constantly around this new puppy and everything else was secondary.)


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