Wednesday 6th. May, 2015 -- A Trip to Greenlaw 

I had no idea there were so many tartans, nor that we had so many of them in the Stables where Rachel conducts her kilt-making and weaving courses. I snapped Rachel in front of some of her tartans

Today is the day for getting everything ready for the boat to travel south to Amble Marina on Friday. I worked away during the morning, first of all compiling a list of the tasks which needed to be completed and then a list of all of the bits and pieces which need to be found and then I set about the tasks identified. By lunchtime I was making progress but then I had to stop because I had to participate in a visitation this afternoon.

Tom picked me up a bit after 1 p.m. and we set off for Greenlaw where we met in Greenlaw Church – we hadn’t been quite sure where we were to meet and we had time to do a tour of the different halls in Greenlaw (and a lovely bowling green) before ending up in the Church just before the heavens opened and the rains came down.

It was a pleasant afternoon as we met with the session clerks, congregational board clerks and congregational treasurers first of Westruther and then of Greenlaw congregations, with the afternoon rounded off with a happy meeting with the minister.

Back home to dine in the Farmhouse followed by an evening watching television in preparation for the election tomorrow. I walked Mix and soon it was time for bed.


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