Monday 4th. May, 2015 -- Bank Holiday Monday 

There was little wind this evening so I raised Olivebank's main sail, always a good idea to know that everything is working up aloft

This morning I got everything ready for tomorrow evening’s presbytery meeting. David arrived and the trailer for Olivebank is now functioning properly. We went off for more brake fluid, bought a bolt for the tiller and some doweling for the rudders and had lunch at Pearsons. I ordered coal and no sooner was I home than the coal was delivered – the service from Pearson’s is quite remarkable.

Tom arrived in the afternoon and he checked the bilge pump and glued in the deck lights. Once he was away I sorted out the sails and raised the mainsail just before dinner. We ate well (we always do but it was stovies today, a real favourite of mine). In the evening I stayed in the Bothy, not doing a great deal but primarily here so that Mix and Rowan could be kept apart now that Rowan is in season.

I moved back into the Granary in time to see the news and then ‘Have I got a little more news for you.’ Mix and I went for a walk and then it was time for bed.


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