Thursday 30th. April, 2015 -- Off to Dunblane for the Day 

I would have provided a picture of Dunblane but with the early start I forgot my camera (and my telephone doesn't take pictures). So here is Mum's window box, planted out last week by Rachel during the celebrations of Mum's birthday

I was up at five-thirty this morning and we were on the road by six as Rachel drove me to Morebattle (it doesn’t mean anything about battles but means the settlement by the lake) where I was joining Margaret and Richard who were driving me to Dunblane for the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum meeting today.

It was an uneventful and a pleasant drive and as we were early we were able to enjoy breakfast in a cafe before the meeting started. There were representatives from around twenty-five different organisations and we learned a great deal about all of the different pilgrim routes which are being planned, some of which are at an advanced state of completion.

We broke for a sandwich lunch (during which I went across to the cathedral) and then spent the afternoon working on the forward strategy of the organisation. It was good to be back in Churches House, now called Old Churches House and under new management. It seems to have a new lease of life and each of the rooms now has an ensuite facility – a far cry from the days when I used to visit regularly.

We were back home at Mount Pleasant by half-past five, giving me the opportunity of showing Margaret and Richard around, before they set off for Morebattle. We dined in the farmhouse and in the evening I watched the Leader’s Question Time at which I thought David Cameron was the most assured of the three participants. In the programme following I thought that Nicola Sturgeon was, as usual, excellent. I despair of the ignorance, almost stupidity, of some of the television interviewers who seem unable to hear the answers to the questions they ask, and who, having asked a question, seem anxious to close down the answer as quickly as possible to enable them to ask another question. I thought that the BBC’s Glen Campbell was particularly bad this evening.

During the evening Marjorie and Bruce Lawrie, brought Mum home from a trip out which she had made today to meet up with friends from Kirkcaldy at Kelso (but moving on with them to Selkirk). It seems that Mum had missed Mount Pleasant when she was navigating home and as a result Marjorie and Bruce had a forty minute detour of the borders before they found where we are. It was good to see them before we walked the dogs and went to bed.


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