Wednesday 29th. April, 2015 -- More Presbytery Inspections 

The reason I'm trying to take so many pictures from the garden and around here is that my blog is read by family in Australia who are anxious to see what things are like here at Mount Pleasant. So here is Mum's garden in shade. I love the white pebbles and the plants in their pots so that everything may be kept quite easily

Again David was with me today – it was as well that he was because today was the day of the next chapter in the Mount Pleasant car fiasco. You will remember that we have only one working car at present, my Toyota. Well in the afternoon (after a morning in which I finally got everything ready for posting – letters to ministers, presbytery papers to those who don’t have emails) Rachel set off for Duns, planning to post my mail and attend to a number of items of business of her own. David and I set off in the Berlingo to get its puncture repair – it had been punctured by a roofing nail off the farmhouse roof but it was more appropriate to replace the tyre so that was what we did.

We returned home and for ten minutes had two functioning cars at Mount Pleasant. Then Rachel phoned from Duns to say that mine had broken down. I was just about to have a shower and get ready to go out to another evening’s entertainment at the Presbytery inspections, round two, so David went up to Duns to discover that my car had fractured a brake pipe. Fortunately David was able to bring it back home. So we are back where we started.

I went off for another evening at presbytery, this time in the hall at Duns. Again it was fun meeting people and I was back home by ten this evening ready to watch, you guessed it, more programmes about the election. Still, apart from the cars it has been a good day – Tom was here early on and we talked a bit about getting the boat down south. I walked Mix before bedtime.


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