Tuesday 28th. April, 2015 -- Presbytery Inspections 

I took this snap of the hanging basket outside Mum's door -- aren't the colours wonderful? I really do love yellow

Up early and walked Mix. This morning one of my colleagues came to talk through the next Presbytery meeting with me so that we can be sure that everything is prepared. It seems that it is and all I need to do now is to print out material and send it to everyone. I also have to write to all retired ministers to ensure that they are aware that it is time to reapply for a practising certificate – more mindless regulation to sit alongside OSCR, Data Protection, and (some aspects) of the different protection programmes. It seems that people catch sight of a need and then solve it with overkill and we all then have so much of our time taken up with dealing with these matters that our own core business gets squeezed out.

David arrived and started fixing the wiring on Olivebank and during the afternoon we had time for a number of cups of coffee (although not biscuits because David tells me that he has eschewed biscuits to ensure that his new clothes continue to fit). Progress is now being made on the boat.

The excitement today occurred when Digger who had gone into Duns to collect Mum from her hairdresser (because Rachel’s car is off the road) phoned to say that his clutch had packed up and he was marooned in Duns. David and I drove to Duns in my car, now the only car functioning, rescued Mum and Digger and assisted in the towing of Digger’s car to our garage where it will be repaired. Now we have one car functioning and three cars off the road.

I had an early supper before setting off for Foulden Village hall to take part in the presbytery inspection of records, a highlight in the ecclesiastical calendar all over Scotland for those who love bureaucracy and enforcing Assembly rules – I really am not cut out to be a presbytery clerk although I have to say I love the friendship I found at the inspection and the fact that here in this presbytery everything is done with a very light hand, a deal of humour and no absence of kindness. It was after ten by the time I returned home, just in time to catch more election programmes on the television. Still there isn’t long to go now.


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