Monday 27th. April, 2015 -- Our Christian Aid programme is finalised 

This is a picture of Olive's new herb garden, radiating out from the little bay tree and cut into the lawn and filled with the herbs which are going to flavour our food over the coming years

Today, as usual, I walked Mix and then I had to start getting things in order for the presbytery meeting a week tomorrow. There is not quite so much to do as usual because there are few written presbytery reports but it does still require attention. I was quite glad to have to be inside because it has suddenly got very much colder and I understand that this cold spell is to last for the whole of the week. Tom arrived early and we had a Christian Aid meeting after which I emailed our programme to Donald who will incorporate it into the programme for the whole of Duns.

I chatted to Christian Aid in Edinburgh to apprise them of our plans and then got on with preparing for presbytery.

We all dined together at the farmhouse in the evening and then we had a relaxing evening in front of the television before walking the dogs and retiring to bed. I watched an edition of Panorama in which an American who had correctly predicted in every detail the result of the last American election came to Britain to learn about our system with a view to preparing a prediction here as well. The final prediction will be made next week and it will be interesting to see how his skills transfer across the Atlantic.


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