Sunday 26th. April, 2015 – The Fourth Sunday of Easter 

Rachel and Olive at the Mount Pleasant family table – it’s stovies on the menu and knowing how much I like stovies, Olive always makes two big dishes

Up early because I was on duty today. I walked Mix and then Mum, Rachel and I drove along to Gavinton where I conducted the service. I’m definitely getting out of practice and I won’t be doing too much more of this in the future but I was happy to step in today because Stephen had a very special Gallipoli service at Duns and required to be free before the service to meet his distinguished guests and marshal his troops.

After the service and after the coffee, we made our way home for lunch. The journey was not totally without incident as we discovered that the Berlingo had a flat tyre and Tom had to drive me back to Mount Pleasant to collect our pump to blow the tyre back up so we could get home. We now have both of Rachel’s cars out of action with a flat tyre!

I did a bit more work on the boat in the afternoon and then I got ready and went off to Berwick with Mum to attend the service run by elders from the presbytery in Berwick St. Andrew’s Wallace Green Church. I enjoyed the service very much indeed – and the refreshments following the service. Then we came home and I watched a bit of television before bed.


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