Saturday 25th. April, 2015 – My goodness, April is nearly past! 

What a lovely place in which to live! The view from our front gate

Got up and walked Mix and then went across to the Bothy. The weather has broken and today it is wet but although the forecast was for rain all day it actually cleared up quite nicely in the afternoon.

Over in the Bothy I sorted out things for tomorrow at Church and then turned my attention to my daily diary on my website – this blog – and the question, am I going to keep it going? Or is now quite a good time to stop? In the end I couldn’t answer the question so I spent a considerable period of time getting it up-to-date and in order. I suppose that the real reason I want to keep it going is because it enables me to remember what I have been doing and when. I also like having a picture to remind me of each day. Of course, I could do all of this without putting it on my web-site. But in reality I know that I wouldn’t. It isn’t that I don’t have the discipline, just that other things would become more important.

We had intended to take Mum out to buy the new chair she wants for her upstairs sitting room. But with it being wet this morning that was put off for the future. Later, once the weather was better, we reconsidered the option, but instead Rachel set off for the Co-op and took Rowan for a walk – yesterday was Rowan’s second birthday but Rachel only remembered that last night so Rowan is being treated to a late birthday today.

Mix and I went for an afternoon walk in the sunshine and took the picture at the head of this entry. It is a lovely view from our front gate – the road running off to Swinton, fields to either side, the one on the left with a crop of rape seed quite well-developed, and on the right shoots already appearing in what was only ploughed and flattened last week; and then there is the sunshine!

And while we are enjoying the weather here, in Nepal people have been struck by a devastating earthquake. The television pictures bring home very clearly the horror of today and it is good to hear stories of countries around the world rallying to provide support.

We dined in the farmhouse. Watford have won promotion to the Premier Division in England’s football leagues, a small cause for celebration to me at least. If they win next week they will win their league as well, a cause for a larger celebration. So well done, Watford.

In the evening Rachel and I watched a Montalbano film on television – as always it was superb – after which I walked Mix before bed, (rejoicing to the news that England had defeated the West Indies in the final day of the second Test – quite a remarkable victory considering that West Indies were only two wickets down at the start of the day having reached 202 runs, wiped off the deficit and established a lead of 37 runs. Anderson bowled well and England only required 143 to win which they did for the loss of one wicket. Well done!)


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