Friday 24th. April, 2015 – Fun on the boat 

The final picture of Mum’s birthday. Here she is squinting into the sun while she sits in the Garden Centre at Berwick. If you look carefully you can see that now she is ninety-two she has been reduced to half price

Up and walked Mix and then spent the whole day playing about on the boat – not in the water, alas, but in the yard. I got all of the running rigging sorted, renewed and fixed and Rachel and I filled the water ballast tank to ensure that there are no leaks (this last didn’t start until after four because Rachel had a kilt-making day) but I was kept very busy all day finding things and fitting them together and I really enjoyed myself. It was like being retired all over again!

Mum went off to her reading group this afternoon and Olive was supplying coffees and food to the kilt-making group (I joined in the eating activities as well). We ate again in the evening and then I retired to the Bothy to think about a service for Sunday – I am standing in for Stephen because he is tied up with Gallipoli activities. Later I watched some television. I have really enjoyed today.


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