Tuesday 21st. April, 2015 Anti-fouling, removals and a Presbytery meeting thrown in 

I spent a large part of this morning lying under the boat just here – I really am getting too old for this. The green tape will be peeled off afterwards to provide a lovely straight line of black, at least that is the theory

I rose and walked Mix and then decided that as it was such a lovely day I would get the second coat of anti-fouling on quickly so that the aches and pains would land on top of the ones from yesterday rather than have to start again from scratch.

I got the boat anti-fouled while Rachel had another kilt-making class on in the Stables. That done I showered and tried very hard to remove the anti-fouling from my head, with not total success. I had lunch with the kilt-making course and then in the afternoon I went along to Tom’s to help him complete the removal process. Not only now can he and Dorothy sleep in May Cottage but they can welcome guests to sleep there too!

I returned in time to get things ready for the meeting of the Business Committee of Presbytery which was held in the Church Hall at Duns. Then I drove into Duns for the meeting itself. It was quite uneventful and happy and I was home by nine ready for my tea which was waiting for me to pop into the oven and then enjoy as I caught up with the News before walking Mix and retiring to bed with a book. It has been a very good day.


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