Monday 20th. April, 2015 -- Removals and Antifouling 

Rachel bought the book she is reading when she was out shopping today. It is entitled ‘Care for your puppy’ and she is reading it in preparation for getting a new puppy from Sang’s latest litter. The puppy is already named ‘Bramble’ and we are able to watch her exploits on Sang’s Facebook page, really the first reason we have found to have access to Facebook

I got up and walked Mix and no sooner was I into the Bothy than Tom ‘phoned seeking the loan of my brawn! So I spent the morning with him helping move some of his bits and pieces into his new home. In particular, we moved the bed which means that if Tom and Dorothy wish to sleep, they will have to be in their new home.

Moving over for today I returned to the Granary catching the launch of the SNP manifesto as I drove. It sounded like quite an event and will no doubt start more scare stories and dire warnings of doom ahead. I suppose that it must have been the same when the Labour Party first appeared and disrupted the cosy two-party Tory/Liberal establishment.

I caught the News while I had some lunch and then I spent the afternoon anti-fouling Olivebank. I have a lovely black anti-fouling paint which actually goes well with the black and white lines of the boat. It is always easier too when the new anti-fouling is a different colour from what was on before – the previous anti-fouling was red.

By the time I had finished I was finished. Last time I crawled around under the trailer I was quite a bit younger and my body seemed to work a bit better in those days. Still, that is the first coat done.

Dined in the farmhouse and then relaxed in the Granary watching an Australian detective programme followed by a Canadian one. It was quite fun – well, I was so sore that there was little I could do but sit and watch tv.

Finally, after the News, I walked Mix and retired to bed.


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