Saturday 18th. April, 2015 – Electioneering! 

I took this picture of Eyemouth Harbour this morning. It really was this blue and it was a lovely, lovely day. I love this view of the working harbour even if there wasn’t much happening when I was here today

Yesterday I learned that there had been a new poll out (probably several) forecasting the way that the General Election will pan out. From what I can gather the SNP are on course to vastly increase its representation from the six in the last parliament, however a poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft (a conservative peer) examined our constituency and found that the Conservatives have 30%, SNP 29% and the Liberal Democrats 28% (as there is a 3% margin of error it is clearly all to play for). So I decided to do my bit and drove to Eyemouth to meet up with the team of SNP canvassers who were delivering a new leaflet, organising a stall outside the Co-op and doing a bit of canvassing. With a very pleasant couple I was sent out to one of the areas on the edge of the town and spent a happy couple of hours leafleting and speaking to folk who were around. It was fun and I enjoyed it greatly.

Afterwards we met up in the Rialto Cafe for scones and coffee – that was fun as well and I made some new friends. Back home it was soon time to get ready (after walking Mix, of course) to go out with Mum, Olive, Digger and Rachel for a meal in the Black Bull.

It was a splendid meal, I started with mushrooms filled with Stilton cheese and garlic and cooked in breadcrumbs and went on to a prawn curry with rice and chips before ending with a raspberry cranachan. This is the life. Came home and watched an episode of Montalbano before walking Mix and going to bed.


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